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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Elsevier woes

Andrew Porter, Has Reed's Mr 10% lost his golden touch? Fears over growth at Crispin Davis's empire, London Times, January 12, 2004 (accessible only to subscribers). On Elsevier's slowing rate of earnings growth. Excerpt: "And there has been another problem, also in America: the science-publication division has been hit in a revolt by academics and institutions....In addition, there has been unrest in the scientific community about some of Reed's methods of doing business. In America, the Public Library of Science, a non-profit organisation, launched a drive to make scientific and medical literature more accessible. It has made its first scientific journals freely available online. And in another move that will irritate Reed, Congressman Martin Sabo is sponsoring a bill that seeks to exclude any government-funded scientific research from having US copyright protection....In a further worrying development, two University of California scientists have proposed a boycott of six of Reed's biology journals, accusing the company of charging exorbitant fees."