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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Harold Varmus interview in NewScientist

Kurt Kleiner interviews Harold Varmus in today's issue of New Scientist. (Thanks to Darius Cuplinskas.) Excerpt:

[KK] But why bother? What's wrong with the established scientific publishing system?

[HV] Well, it doesn't live up to the opportunities that are created by the internet. The system as it exists has produced many good journals, but journals are expensive and increasingly people are reading and searching online. There's an opportunity here to eliminate boundaries between the individual and the information, and between pieces of information. I think all of us were startled by the incredible power that the internet provided for looking at and working with the genome. If we had published pieces of genomes paper by paper we would be much less far along than we are. That model has been a powerful force in helping people to think about how the scientific literature can be worked with.