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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Citigroup thinks OA threatens Elsevier

Richard Wray, Free access may constrain Reed, The Guardian, November 1, 2003. Citigroup has added its weight to the Elsevier stock warning issued by BNP Paribas on October 13. "The [Reed Elsevier] shares were the biggest losers in the FTSE 100 index, down 16.5p to 458p as Citigroup Smith Barney warned of the impact of open access and sliced its price target for Reed to 500p from 580p....Citigroup believes that at the very least, the PLoS will scupper Reed's annual journal price rise of 5% to 10%, while in the longer term it could see its reviewers and contributors - who Reed does not pay - slowly drain away to the opposition."