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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Online, open access journals: the only hope for the future

The Editorial of the Inaugural issue of Calicut Medical Journal- Online, open access journals: the only hope for the future discusses in detail how and why Calicut Medical Journal supports the Open Access initiatives.In his editorial, Dr Ramachandran, stresses the need to disseminate knowledge in the widest possible sphere, and especially between scholars of other developing countries and asserts that Open Access is the best possible solution to achieve this goal.The Editorial also criticises the widely publicised " author pays" model as "discouraging" for scholars from developing world and states it would badly affect the already low level of publications from these countries. It also discusses the various advantages of being Online and Open. He also asserts the need for more regional Open Access Journals to meet the specific demands of scholars and clinicians and for the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of health services. The editorial concludes with the statement that Calicut Medical Journal would play a dual role - being International by being Online and Open Access on one hand, and catering to the needs of Indian Scholars and Clinicians on the other.