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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Digital Promise Project report sent to Congress

The Digital Promise Project submitted its report to Congress on October 23. The report calls on the country to create a $20 billion Digital Opportunity Investment Trust (DO-IT), funded from the auction of electromagnetic spectrum. Interest generated by the trust would pay for new projects in digital research and education, apparently including open-access projects. Quoting Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) in the press release: "DO-IT will give us the opportunity to take the knowledge that resides in our country's museums, libraries, universities and research institutions and make it uniformly available to every American from Presque Isle, Maine to Juneau, Alaska." Quoting the executive summary: "DO IT will help to digitize these collections [in universities, museums, libraries, and cultural institutions] and set standards to conserve 'born digital' materials, ensuring their accessibility to all. It will assist in the development of content and software to integrate the riches of our cultural institutions into classroom curricula and stimulate research in the humanities. It will help move our not-for-profit educational, cultural, and scientific institutions into the digital age and enable them to reach beyond their walls into even the most remote schools, homes, and workplaces." Three Senators (Dodd D-CT, Durbin D-IL, and Snowe R-ME) have agreed to introduce legislation to implement the report's recommendations.