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Friday, July 18, 2003

Yesterday, Dr. Ian Gibson, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, submitted the following question to Dr. John Reid, the new UK Secretary of State for Health (scroll about 4/5 down the page):
"310.  Dr Ian Gibson (Norwich North): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what plans he has to ensure that all public funded research is recorded and made freely available to (a) patients, (b) health professionals, (c) the public and (d) members of the scientific community. (127870)"

If this were a bill, it would be the Sabo bill of the UK. But it's just a question. The Secretary's answer might be, "We have no plans." But it's a sign that in the UK, as in the US, the call for open access to government-funded research is moving from the academy to the legislature, where it can become law. Secretary Reid is expected to answer Gibson's question by September 8. (Thanks to Jan Velterop.)