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Monday, July 14, 2003

On July 10 the ICSU released its Agenda for Action: Science in the Information Society. This is a set of documents outlining a vision for science in the age of the internet. The ICSU will encourage national governments from around the world to endorse the agenda at the upcoming World Summit on the Information Society. Quoting the press release: "Universal access to scientific knowledge, decision making and governance, policy issues for scientific information and improving education and training are the four key themes, which were chosen by the scientific community in developing its agenda for action. The science perspectives in relation to each of these themes is summarised in a series of four published brochures, which are available in English, French and Spanish. For each theme, the key principles, the challenges, the actions required, as well as examples of best practice, are highlighted....A very strong message to governments is the need to strengthen the public domain for scientific data and information and ensure equitable access to this. As Professor Jane Lubchenco ICSU President - states: 'Scientific knowledge carries enormous potential for helping the world address the UN Millennium Development Goals, and the use of Information and Communication Technologies opens up unprecedented opportunities to accelerate this process.'"