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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Michael Day, Prospects for institutional e-print repositories in the United Kingdom, The ePrints UK Project, no. 1, v. 1.0 (May 28, 2003). The first of four studies on the development of eprint archives in the UK. Michael Day welcomes comments at . Abstract: "This study introduces ePrints UK, a project funded as part of the JISC's Focus on Access to Institutional Resources (FAIR) Programme. It first introduces the project and the main features of the FAIR programme as it relates to e-print repositories. Then it provides some general information on open-access principles, institutional repositories and the technical developments that have made their development viable. There follows a review of relevant repositories in the UK and an indication of what impact ePrints UK might have in supporting learning, teaching and research. This is followed by a discussion of perceived impediments to the take-up of institutional repositories, including both practical and cultural issues. A final section investigates the development of ongoing evaluation criteria for the project."