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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

David Malakoff and Daniel Bachtold, Who Owns, Who Pays? U.K., U.S. Offer Answers for Journals, Science, July 4, 2003. A short overview of the JISC-BMC deal and the Sabo bill. Unfortunately, not even an abstract is free online. Excerpt: "Government officials on both sides of the Atlantic are stoking the debate over free access to electronic scientific journals. In the United Kingdom, a government body announced last month that it will pay the publication costs of any British university researcher who submits a paper to open-access journals published by BioMed Central, a London-based company. And last week a member of the U.S. Congress introduced a bill aimed at preventing private publishers from monopolizing information by denying copyright protection to work produced with "substantial" government funding. Some open-access advocates welcome both moves as a means to improve the flow of scholarly information. But others doubt that the U.S. copyright proposal would enhance access--adding that it could harm researchers' ability to control use of their own work and profit from inventions."