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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

A new one from me: Removing the Barriers to Research: An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians, forthcoming from College & Research Libraries News, 64 (February 2003) pp. 92-94, 113. The print version will be slightly abridged; this online version is unabridged. You're accustomed to seeing open access defended for the audience of researchers: as readers, they get easier access to the literature they need, and as authors, they get a larger audience and greater impact. But in this article I explain and defend open access for the audience of librarians. I argue that for librarians there are two overriding problems with the present journal system: intolerably high prices and intolerably extensive limitations on use created by licenses and DRM --or in short, the pricing crisis and what I call the permission crisis. I argue that open access will solve both problems efficiently, completely, and lawfully.