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Monday, December 23, 2002

The January 2003 issue of Walt Crawford's Cites & Insights is now online. The FOS-related parts of this issue include Walt's remarks on the Elcomsoft case, the CIPA case, and copyright news, esp. the launch of the Creative Commons. Finally, he includes a section on The Access Puzzle, which covers the death of PubSCIENCE, the two new PLoS journals, LOCKSS, a plug for FOS News, a pointer to my two pieces on measuring FOS progress (in FOSN for 9/15/02), and some general reflections on FOS triggered by my interview in The Technology Source. Walt is worried that FOS will kill human indexing and that automated indexing will not suffice. He also worried that FOS will kill print journals and (apparently) that digital preservation and superior retrieval tools will not make back issues available in the helpful way that back runs of print journals are available to new scholars learning the ropes in a field. He has other worries but you should read them in his own words.