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Since 1996 I've made link pages like this one for each of my courses. In the meantime, the size of the web and the power of search engines have both leaped forward. The growth of the web has made representative or comprehensive link pages more difficult to produce, and the improvement of search engines has made them less necessary. Link pages can still be very useful, but to make them more useful than the best search engines takes more work than they are usually worth. So I won't be updating this link page (from the previous iteration of the course) but I leave it online in case it has any remaining utility. When I know of specific web pages helpful for a class discussion, then I'll mail out the URLs to the class email list during the semester (and I encourage you to do the same). For general online research on the many topics of the course, I recommend Google. —Peter.

There are hundreds of good web pages that collect links to U.S. law. The only excuse to make another one is to customize it for (1) undergraduate students (2) studying law as a liberal art (3) in Indiana (4) for my course, Crimes & Torts. I hope I've selected links that get you where you most want to go. Let me know if you find others I should include.

Criminal law

Tort law

Legal dictionaries

Primary sources of U.S. law

Federal State
U.S. Constitution. From the Library of Congress.
U.S. Constitution. From Cornell University.
U.S. Constitution. From the Perfect Union Project.
State Constitutions. From Harbornet.
Indiana Constitution. From Indiana University.
Statutes U.S. Code. Searchable. From the House of Representatives.
U.S. Code. Searchable. From Cornell University.
State Statutes. From Cornell Law School.
State Statutes. From "Scruffy".
Indiana Code. Searchable. From the State of Indiana.
Cases U.S. Federal Courts. Searchable.
U.S. Federal Courts. From the Center for Information Law and Policy.
U.S. Federal Courts. From Emory University.
U.S. Federal Courts. From Superior Information Services.
U.S. Federal Courts. From VersusLaw. Searchable.
Supreme Court cases. Searchable. From Cornell University.
Supreme Court cases. From FindLaw.
USSC+. U.S. Supreme Court cases. From InfoSynthesis.
Oyez Oyez Oyez. Oral arguments before the Supreme Court in RealAudio. From Northwestern University.
State Courts. From the National Center for State Courts.
State Court Directory. From Piper Resources.
State Court Locator. From the Center for Information Law and Policy.
Courts.Net State Courts. From Superior Information Services.
Indiana Judicial System. From the State of Indiana.
Indiana Judicial Decisions. From Indiana University.
Regs Code of Federal Regulations. Searchable and browsable. From the GPO.
Federal Agencies and Commissions. From The White House.
Indiana Administrative Code. From the State of Indiana.
Bills Thomas. From the Library of Congress. Indiana Bills. From the State of Indiana.

Secondary sources

International law


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