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Initial Notes

  • The maximum size of page that can be scanned is 8.5" by 11". You can normally scan books open in landscape orientation two pages at a time and then rotate the pages later (see below).
  • Thick books with large spines will be difficult to scan without a shadow along the centre fold.
  • Try not to scan photocopies - they never come out as well as the original.
  • Remember that the result is actually a graphic image. Thus scanning into Acrobat is not suitable for large numbers of pages (more than 20) because file size will be too large — you're better off using OCR.
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Doing the Scan

  1. Make sure that the scanner is switched on.
  2. Place the book on the scanner platen.
  3. Open up Adobe Acrobat
  4. Select File —> Import —> Scan
  5. Make sure you choose EPSON TWAIN 5 as the device
  6. Format single sided (for two page scans) or double-sided (single page scans)
  7. Click Scan

If a scan starts up automatically click cancel and choose Manual Mode. You will need to manually control the scanning process to get good results.

  1. If the scanning fails it probably means that there's a permissions problem — contact ECS : micro support to resolve this.
  2. In the EPSON TWAIN scanning window:
    • Set Image Type : Black & White document
    • Resolution : 150 dpi
    • check Unsharp mask

  3. Draw a box around the readable text —include chapter headings and page numbers.
    This means that the dimensions of the Source should not be 11" x 8.5" because you just want to scan the text you need and not the whole scan bed.

    You can adjust the dimensions of the box by grabbing the “marching ants” on a side with the mouse and moving it.


  1. Where the text is small on the original you can magnify it to make it more readable.

    1. choose inches from the pulldown box for units
    2. In the Target box set the larger dimension (either H or W) to 11" in order to fill the whole page
    3. click in the other box and it's dimension will increae in proportion. Notice that the scale is now greater than 100%.


  2. Click the Scan button.
    You may need to hold the scanner lid down to flatten the page.
    Scanning in progress

  3. After the scan has completed the Epson Twain box disappears and you are asked for another page.
    Put this on the scanner bed in the same orientation as the original (but if you do get it the wrong way round you can always rotate the page later).
    Click Next to scan the next page or Done to finish.
  4. If you have clicked next, repeat stages 10 through 13 again (omitting stage 11 if desired).
  5. If you make a mistake such as scanning a page in twice or scanning in the wrong order or aligned the wrong way round, complete the scanning of the whole document and fix the problems using the techniques below after you have finished.
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Rotating pages

  1. Click the Thumbnails tab at the side of the Acrobat window, then grab the margin and move it to the right to reveal the thumbnails.
    You'll see that all your pages are the wrong way round, and so you'll want to rotate them.
  2. Select Thumbnail —> Rotate Pages (or Document —> Rotate Pages)
    Choose Clockwise 90 degrees or Counterclockwise 90 degrees, whichever is appropriate.
    Select All pages, or other combination you may need (you can rotate individual pages if you need to)
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  • I've scanned a page twice!
    Select the page in the Thumbnail view and press Delete key.
  • I've scanned some pages in the wrong order!
    Don't panic
    In Thumbnail view, grab the page and move it to the appropriate position.
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