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All students in Bio 341 course completed a hard copy student survey. Results were processed by the kind folks at MITC and a spreadsheet of data was produced.

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Results highlights

CHEF was used rather erratically in this course and a consistent comment was that the system was not used enough.

  • Most of the class were comfortable using computers going into the class (90%) and this was not changed by using CHEF. The sole very uncomfortable user of computers did not change opinion either.
  • A third of the class had used a CMS before (Course Compass) (11 students).
    Of this number half thought CHEF was the same or better than Course Compass (5 students) and half thought Course Compass was better (5).
  • Usage of the Schedule tool in CHEF:

    CHEF survey : schedule

  • Usage of the Announcements tool:

    CHEF survey : announcements

  • Usage of the Resources tool:

    CHEF survey : resources

  • Usage of the Assignments tool:

    CHEF survey : assignments

  • Overall we can see that more students used the tools than not, but most students did not use them frequently. The helpfulness of the tool was a function of usage.
    Thus we can infer that if faculty use CHEF consistently throughout a course, students are going to find it helpful.

Student comment summary

  1. Give two ways that the instruction you received on CHEF could be improved:
    • Use CHEF more frequently (otherwise it's perceived as an add-on)

  2. Learning Experience
    1. Helped.
      Resources - 8 responses mentioned this.
      Assignments - mentioned in 8 responses
      Not helpful - 4 responses
      Helped interact more with computers - 1 response (interesting)
    2. Detracted
      Having assignments posted online instead of handed out in class (7). Students don't seem to like having to print it themselves.
      Auditory learner.
      Announcements better by email
    3. Making CHEF experience better.
      Use it more (15).
      More resources, more CHEF based work, more consistent / frequent use.
  3. Other Comments:

    • Don't use it as an afterthought.
    • helpful for disorganised students
    • alternative approaches - email list. [Some students just like the technology they know].
    • only useful if profs make it a valuable resource
    • good tool but doesn't fit every profs style of teaching - only profs who are going to really utilize it should use it.

  4. How would you use CHEF

    • post summary / outlines of lectures
    • ensure up to date and comprehensive schedule
    • post notes and assignments
    • use CHEF like an organiser
    • use all of CHEF tools with a class
    • "Also to have discussion or Q/A periods once a week or so"
    • "labs (so protocols can be written before lab)"
    • reach everyone at any time
    • online syllabus / curriculum

  5. Negative responses:
    • “I would only ask questions from it occasionally because it is so untraditional”
    • “It’s a useless waste of time”
    • “.... pointless because it is rarely used”
    • “.... hope they don't make you do online HW or quizzes” [which is exactly what faculty want to do ...]

Report for ITPC Feb 23rd 2004