Anna Livia Plurabelle Thorpe




Senior Faculty Fellow in Classics
Earlham College
Richmond, Indiana

Peter and I resigned our teaching positions at Earlham at the end 2003 and now reside full time in Brooksville, Maine. Peter will be employed as a researcher, writer and consultant on behalf of "open access" initiatives. Liffey will find opportunities to teach at the high school level and in adult education programs. We both cherish the years we have spent at Earlham and look forward to many more years of lively and fruitful relationships with the college. We are maintaining our Earlham e-mail addresses.

Nickname: Liffey
Grew up in Washington, D. C.





A few family photos:

The Whole Family
by Lilian Suber Thorpe, age 6

Waiting to hear from you.
Revised Spring 2003
’Tis true, there’s magic in the web of it... —Shakespeare