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"318" 1957-current

If you are interested in Mopars then you are at the right place on the Internet.  The focus is on an A-body Plymouth called the Scamp.  It was built from 1971-1976 at the end of the muscle car era.  As the name implies this car is one of the last burning coals of the performance era.  Most Scamps were equipped with the slant six, while the rest were equipped with the 318ci V8.  The 318 is still in production today, only with high swirl "magnum" heads and fuel injection, its commonly found in Jeeps & Ram Trucks and Vans.  With minor modifications these classic machines can become strip/street terrors


5-14-06 Medical School Graduation

New Pictures 2006!

- VIDEO clips!

Burnandturn | Side shot

- Check the Action page

-Car show pictures

-Terms every Moparphile should learn!

-LA Engine Number Identification Table


Project: Scamp 1974

Update - I am finished with Medical School and will now have sometime to update the site.  In the last year I have updated all the mechanicals of the car aside from the internal engine, as I am saving for a 402 Mopar Crate engine. 

Other than covering my little project I want to provide a place for other owners of Mopars to post pictures. Also, to provide useful information that may help you in your building process.  Please email me with links to your site, pictures of you car, or simply with your two cents.

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