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  • Resources page is updated with links to recent BSP students' final projects. Books, zines, and cds based on their experience in the borderlands have all been produced by recent participants. Look here to find photos from the current BSP semester and instructions for applying to the program too.
  • BSP Instructor Katie Sharar recently wrote a piece for NACLA's Border Wars blog on immigration enforcement in Texas' Big Bend region.
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Living Arrangements

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How To Apply

FamiliesFor the first week of the program, students will reside together during the orientation period. The orientation will culminate in a host family reception where students and families will meet for the first time and begin the semester together. From then on, participants will live with host families in Tucson until the end of the semester.

The families in Tucson may be English language dominant or Spanish language dominant; each student's experience will be different.  The program makes every attempt to ensure that the homestay in Tucson will in some way broaden the student's experience related to the border.

Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their preferences and the program will then match the students with the families.  Some participants prefer more independence and others prefer a more family oriented experience.  

OrientationThe homestay has the potential to be a very important learning experience during the semester, and we see your living experience as an essential part of the overall educational program.  Many Border Studies students have made long lasting friendships with their host families over the years.

Recent students have said the following about their experiences with the host families:

"My host parents were wonderful in general but also flexible and generous about sharing their space."

"We had great times shopping and cooking and watching movies"

"They were the greatest, most welcoming and loving family ever. I felt so included in family activities from the very start."

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