HERI Faculty Survey 2007-2008

Prepared by Mary Ann Weaver and Max Shannon
April 30, 200

The 2007/2008 faculty survey, provided by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA (HERI), is the most recent of the triennially administered faculty surveys in which Earlham and other colleges around the country participated. At Earlham, 216 of both the administrative and teaching faculty were invited to complete the survey, from which 65 teaching faculty and 55 administrative faculty submitted responses resulting in a 55% response rate.  While all earlier versions of the faculty survey were in paper form only, this survey was in electronic form only. The 2007/2008 survey is based primarily on questions from previous surveys, focusing on how faculty spend their time, interact with students, their preferred methods of teaching and perceptions of the institutional climate. 

Nationwide, 22,562 teaching faculty members from 372 four-year colleges and universities participated in the HERI faculty survey. We received comparison data for the nationwide sample of full time teaching faculty and comparison data from all 4-year private colleges for the full time administrative faculty. A teaching faculty member is defined as any full time employee of an accredited four-year college or university who spends at least part of his or her time teaching undergraduates. If a respondent is a fulltime faculty member who spends at least part of his time teaching but whose principal activity is administration, his response is included in both the teaching faculty and administrative faculty reports.

The Higher Education Data Sharing consortium (HEDS) provided teaching faculty comparison data for our peer group. (See institutions included in our peer group.)

Based on the responses to this survey, the following summaries have been prepared.

Teaching faculty demographics

Characteristics of the teaching faculty respondents and their sources of stress. Includes national and peer group comparison data.

Teaching faculty activities

Includes national and peer group comparison data relating to teaching methods, experiences, and hours per week spent on various activities

Teaching faculty goals and opinions

Includes prior year comparisons as well as current year national and peer group comparison data for teaching and personal goals, attributes of the institution, and job satisfaction

Administrative faculty

Responses from administrative faculty regarding personal goals, institutional attributes, and job satisfaction. Includes comparison data from private 4-year colleges.

Administrative/teaching faculty comparisons

Compares responses of Earlham teaching faculty with Earlham administrative faculty.

Peer Group

Carleton College
College of Wooster
Colorado College
Hamilton College
Haverford College
Kenyon College
Lawrence University
Occidental College
Rhodes College
Scripps College
St. Olaf College
Trinity College
University of the South

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Created April 30 , 2009