Faculty Survey 2004-2005
Office of Institutional Research

Mary Ann Weaver

March, 2006





The Office of Institutional Research through the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California administered a survey to teaching and administrative faculty in October of 2004.  This was the 4th in a series of faculty surveys administered by HERI on a triennial basis. In addition to demographic information, the questionnaire inquires about how faculty members spend their time, how they interact with their students, their methods of teaching and their perceptions of the college climate.




Provost Len Clark provided the Office of Institutional Research with the names of all teaching and administrative faculty. Excluded from the list were visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, interns, lecturers, instructors, teaching assistants, and leaders of off-campus programs. The survey was sent to faculty by campus mail with a cover letter from HERI and a letter from Provost Len Clark. The letter instructed faculty to complete the survey and return it directly to HERI using the self-addressed postage-paid envelope provided to insure confidentiality. At no time are individual responses provided to institutions. A second survey was sent to respondents who did not return the first survey within a reasonable time.


A total of 42 teaching faculty and 62 administrative faculty responded to the survey resulting in a 48% response rate. Nationwide 40,670 full-time college and university faculty members at 421 institutions completed the survey with a 38% response rate.


Teaching faculty are defined as those who

  • indicated full-time employment at Earlham
  • noted teaching as his/her principal activity
  • taught at least two courses in the previous term or was teaching a course during the present term or indicated they spent at least 9 hours per week in scheduled teaching.

Administrative faculty are defined as those respondents who

  • indicated they were employed full-time at Earlham
  • listed administration as their principal activity

Respondents already determined to be full-time teaching faculty might also be included in the administrative faculty group.


The links below will take you to Earlham responses and comparative data to the national norm. The teaching faculty responses also include comparison data from the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) for teaching faculty at our peer schools. (See Appendix A for a list of institutions included in the Peer Group.) In some cases, comparative data is available from prior year faculty surveys.


Teaching Faculty

Created by Mary Ann Weaver

March 20, 2006