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The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for conducting research in order to provide senior administrators and college committees with data that will support decision-making and strategic planning. The office coordinates Earlham's participation in surveys and distributes the results of those surveys. Responses to inquiries from federal and state government, other colleges and universities, education associations, and college guides publications are coordinated by this office also.

The menu at the left will guide you to numerous statistics about Earlham." About the Office" provides contact information for Institutional Research staff and a timeline of activities for the academic year. "Fast Facts" is a brief summary of data published by the Public Affairs Office. "Factbook: Data and Details" revolves around a series of questions that serve as the organizing force for a bounty of information on Earlham. The "Common Data Set" is a collection of data resulting from a collaborative effort between publishers and the educational community to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided. An updated Common Data Set is published each academic year. The link to "Recurring Surveys" will take you to a schedule of surveys administered on a regular basis to Earlham students, faculty and alumni. Summary reports of each survey are also available. "CIRP trends" show responses to chosen questions from the CIRP Freshman Survey over the past 40 years. "Baccalaureate Origins" provide Earlham's Ph.D. productivity compared to other colleges.






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