Factbook: Data and Details

Who are we?


The College offers a challenging intellectual environment that attracts a diverse group of students with a variety of motivations — academic, political, social, athletic, ethical, career-minded — who want to make an impact on the world. Internationalization is woven into the fabric of Earlham. With 15% of the student body representing more than 70 countries, our students interact daily with individuals from very different perspectives than their own. New Student Characteristics First-Year Students: Receiving Need-Based Aid (graph) First-Year Students: Percent Accepted and Enrolled (graph) First-Year Students: Number of Applicants, Acceptances and Enrolled (graph) CIRP: The Freshman Survey CIRP: 35-Year Trends CIRP: National and Peer Group Comparisons Undergraduate Enrollment by Semester On-Campus and Total Undergraduate Enrollment (graph) Off-Campus Program Undergraduate Enrollment Off-Campus Program Undergraduate Enrollment (graph) Financial Aid - Common Data Set Section H Percent of Students Receiving Financial Aid by Type of Aid
(IPEDS graph) Types and Average Amounts of Financial Aid Received by Students (IPEDS graph) Race/Ethnicity of Students (IPEDS graph)