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Printer Installation

Replacing Epson with Canon

  1. Disconnect the Epson printer and remove it. Keep the USB cable. If the printer being replaced does not have a USB cable, you will need to return to ECS, pick up a USB cable and new purchase order, and return to the computer.
  2. Uninstall the "Epson Printer" software. To do this, click Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs and select the Epson software, then click remove. To the additional prompts that come up, click yes to all. If the user does not have admin rights, you will need to log-in as installer to do this.
  3. Connect the Canon printer. Make sure to remove the orange tape (there are at least four strips).
  4. Open the lid of the printer and install the print head and ink cartridges. The print head will snap into place. There are five. They should light up when installed properly on ip4200 models.
  5. Turn on the Canon printer. Windows should say it has detected a new hardware device. Cancel this message. Place the Canon CD in the drive. When the software automatically pops up, click "Easy Install." (If this does not happen, find the CD with My Computer and run the installer.) If this install fails (or hangs at 60%), turn the printer off and back on. If this does not solve the problem, open Task Manager and kill the Canon installer. Follow up with a custom install without Web Print.
  6. Make sure the printer is set to default. To do this, click Start-> Settings-> Printers. You must do this from the user account of the user who will be using the printer. If the Canon printer does not have a check on it, right click on it and select "Set as default printer." (Faculty may ask you not to do this and default to a network printer instead; in that case, honor their wishes.) Print a test page. www.earlham.edu works well for this.
  7. Please remind the user to turn off their printer when they leave their office. Also, caution them that when the printer prints for the first few times after the ink cartridges have been changed, it will be mighty slow.
  8. Do not forget to have the user sign the purchase order. One copy is theirs; the other you must return to Lou.
  9. Throw the Epson printer away. The printer and styrofoam go in the trash bin; the cardboard and paper go in the blue recycle bins. (Use the large bins outside buildings, not the ones inside.)
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