Artwork Credits for this Web Site
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

I want to thank the artists featured here for their beautiful works and for permission to use them on my pages.

These two knots were generated by the program KnotPlot, written by Rob Scharein. The colors and background of the second were designed especially for my knot page.

These two Celtic keys were created by A. Reed Mihaloew. See more of his work.

   This Celtic button was made by Karen Nicholas. See more of her work.

These two (topologically equivalent) keys were created by Andrew Birrell. See more of his work.

These Celtic keys were made by Cari Buziak. See more of his work.

This trefoil was generated by the program Knot, written by Lloyd Burchill.

This 3x4 Celtic knot was created by Drew Ivan. See his instructions for creating similar knots.

This little star was created by Ira Carmel, then of the Earlham College Computing Center.

Peter Suber, Department of Philosophy, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, 47374.