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Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Around The Heart and its counterpart, Around The Heart Daily. Around The Heart provides the campus current, accurate news and information in three formats: a daily e-mailed newsletter, a blog, and a weekly print publication. At www.earlham.edu/aroundtheheart/ you’ll find the blog with links to the submission form and this week’s print issue. Check it out often to stay connected to the community.

Items submitted in complete form by 11 a.m. each weekday (except Mondays) appear in the next morning's Around The Heart Daily and in the blog. Entries received on Mondays by 11 a.m. appear in the blog and in the week's printed issue distributed on Tuesday mornings.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are accepted, edited and published at the editor's discretion.

The ATH Submission form at www.earlham.edu/aroundtheheart/submissions/ should be used to submit your entry if possible. An explanation of the submission form contents follows:

1. Contact Information must be provided with each submission. The submitter may choose to withhold personal contact information from publication, but public contact information must be made available. The only exceptions to this are items for Kudos.

2. ONLY ONE item or event may be submitted in each form.

3. Choose an appropriate Category for your item. If an item is not categorized or an incorrect category is selected, the editor categorizes it. The categories and their content should be as indicated below:

  • Announcements
    • Content: official notices of deadlines, actions by campus offices, policies, or hours of operation. Should include: the campus entity making the announcement and a contact for further information for the public.
  • Events
      Content: time, date, place, campus entity or organization sponsoring the event and contact information Should include: whether the event is for the campus community, is open to the public or is a Richmond/Wayne Co. event.
  • Kudos
      Content: announcements or celebrations of the accomplishments of our outstanding students, faculty, or staff. Should include: person's full name, title and department if staff or faculty, year and major if a student; a brief description of the accomplishment; the date (if applicable) and any relevant links for more information. Please spell out all acronyms and give the full title and date of any publications referenced.
  • Governance Issues
      Content: updates on faculty and college committee agendas, calls for feedback and notices of committee reports. Should include: full name of committee, contact person, Web links to related documents (if appropriate).
  • Opportunities for … (Employment, Service and Funding/Scholarships)
      Content: Student workstudy positions, off-campus volunteer projects, information on applying for grants or scholarships. Should include: whether openings are on- or off-campus; for pay or voluntary; job title; brief description of grant, scholarship, project or position; contact information, and applicable dates.
  • Items of Interest
      Content: items for sale, housing needed or available, travel needs and lost and found. Should include: brief description and contact information.

4. To ensure a high-quality publication, we cannot run items that are missing essential information, such as place, time or Contact Information. When incomplete submissions regarding campus announcements or events are received, editorial staff replys with a request for the missing information. We must receive the missing data by the deadline for print items in order to publish the item in the desired issue.

5. To help us include as many items as possible, please keep your submissions brief (about 30 words or less), limiting information to the “five Ws:” who, what, where, why and when. The editorial staff shortens longer items. Our goal is to have no more than 6 pages for the weekly print edition.

6. To give readers more information, direct them to a Web Link to any Earlham College-sponsored page. We include this information URL or link. We cannot be responsible for including links outside of Earlham’s Web Site.

7. In the event that the form is inaccessible, you may send an e-mail to aroundtheheart . Model your e-mail after the format described above.

8. All student contact information is protected in online versions of Around The Heart. If read from an off-campus computer, readers are required to log in with their Earlham username to access the personal contact information associated with any given item. In other words, only members of the Earlham community who have system access are able to see personal contact information in the online version of the newsletter. If you are in campus housing on the College network, you are NOT required to enter a password.

The events calendar included in a printed issue runs from the date of the issue through 14 days. For example, the calendar in the Tuesday, September 7 issue lists events from Tuesday, September 7 through Monday, September 20. This provides readers the opportunity to plan their activities through two weekends.

Items submitted to Around The Heart run as follows:


Two weeks

Events (may run up to one month in advance)

Until the event occurs


One week


One week

Service opportunities

One week

Items of Interest

One week

*Repetitions of all submissions and particularly those within Items of Interest depends upon space needs of the printed issue and the editor’s judgment. If you wish to have an Item of Interest run in print more than once, a submission should be sent each week that you wish it to run.

We hope you find Around The Heart a helpful campus resource.

Have a great year,

The Around The Heart Editorial Committee:

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