June 04, 2004
Why do I only see five entries from each category on the online version?

The online version of Around The Heart is a bit different from the printed version in that due to the blog format, only the 5 most recent items from each category are shown on the main Web page http://www.earlham.edu/aroundtheheart/ . To see the full contents of a given category click on its name in the "Categories" section of the left-hand side navigation bar or click the MORE >> link located at the top and bottom of each category. If you need help or further explanation, please contact ATH-feedback@earlham.edu .

Can you please remove me from this list?

The short answer is "No, you cannot be removed from the list," as there is no "list" from which you could be removed. Any person who has an Earlham College user (e-mail) account receives this e-mail as a standing member of the Earlham community.

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Why am I receiving these e-mail messages?

Around The Heart is intended to be Earlham's "newsletter of record," chronicling the events, announcements and agenda of each academic year. Therefore students, faculty and staff receive Around The Heart Daily via the appropriate Listserv and a printable PDF document for Around The Heart's compiled weekly issue most Tuesdays.